Sunday, June 15, 2008

Uncomfortable Places

You can't get there from here. I thought it. Then heard Pastor Dan say it from the pulpit. All the crisis around me is taking my brain to places that I have for so long TRIED NOT TO GO! The fact that You Can't Get There From Here bothers me even with the fact that I enjoy staying home. Where I have been going though, is to places like flood torn Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, in my mind, in my own back yard so to speak. Then a little camp ground on the other side of Iowa where the best of our youth can go for further training. To a little country on the other side of the world where childrens play is breaking big rocks into little rocks all day. Out of my cave, and into a world where hurt and despair try to overtake everything. And yet. I have this Hope in God. But God, my friend and I say. But God knows it all. He knows the beginning from the end. Not one sparrow falls that He isn't aware of. Hiding in my cave is so comfy, and yet, God requires action, what will it be? Training from inside the cave, now sent out to do what?

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