Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Weekend Away

A Room With A View ....

I went this weekend to a "Silent Retreat". Yes, silent. We were able to follow the silent rule until after supper Saturday night, so when if you knew the group I was with, you'd know that God is alive and well and in the miracle business. Anyway, my husband thought I should save the money and go in the woods. I only have a small problem with that - well maybe two or three or four - heat, bugs, dirt and the fact that I can see my house from the woods. The place where laundry and phone calls and all things household are constantly calling. The time away was refreshing.
I was really expecting God to tell a "Really big thing". He did not. What did happen was perhaps even more amazing, and more readily savable in my spirit. There were natural breaks in the weekend, i.e. breakfast, lunch and supper. (SO MUCH FOOD!) It seemed to me like after every break, He left a little package for me. I would come back, and find some amazing tidbit in my studies that I wasn't looking for. I actually found a little book in the bookstore, that even though not exactly theologically correct, spoke to my heart big time. The title tells alot... "Everyday Sacred". (FABULUS BOOKSTORE) A quick read, and a diversion from the ususal. Nice. Then to top it off, like a bright bows on top of those packages, there were several times when a surprise would come under the door. Cards, bookmarks, candy. A quiet, sweet, tender way of feeling God's love. If you can go next time ... I highly encourage you to do it! A sweet respite from the every day.
What a switch from now, when my Burlington babies (ages 7,6 and 4) are here for the rest of the week. Glad I had time to rest.

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