Monday, September 15, 2008

Retreat or Charge?

This weekend. What can I say? The women who spoke to us so from their hearts were amazing.
I had no expectations for the weekend except that God would show up. He did. Per usual. He's always Faithful. Also per usual, He showed up in ways I might not have considered.
I was confronted with a couple of things that I didn't know I had a problem with. I've consistantly asked God to show me my weak spots. Even if it's painful. He showed me two this weekend that were quite well hidden deep in my heart and up til now didn't have a name. I name them here, as a form of confession and release them to God. He is ever Faithful.
Here goes - I am not known as a fearful person. I've often said I'm not afraid of anything. Wrong. Two things. Fear of loss. Fear of failure. The enemy has crafily hid them deep, only bringing them out in times of aloneness. Not having a name has only allowed them to fester as a feeling of great unrest.
So there it is. Retreat to encounter God. Charge forward for HIS Glory!

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