Monday, November 1, 2010

The Adventures of Flat Wyatt

On Tuesday Night we stayed in the Hayward/Castro Valley, CA area. We visited the place where Grampa spent a lot of time while he was in the Navy. It was called the Port O' Call/ Neighborhood Church of Castro Valley. It is in fact where Grampa met Jesus as his Savior. We got to go inside and see the changes that have been made over the years. Grampa got to catch up on some history that has happened since he left the area.


Deborah Ann said...

Omg, we have the same name. We both like Casey Treat...I'm in!


It's alway's fun to go back and visit places that have special memories :-)


John and Yvonne Wagner said...

I have no idea if you are still checking this blog or not. But I was searching for Port O Call posts and found yours. I too was at the port o Call. My wife was a hostess. Could I ask wyho your grandfather was? Is he still liviong?