Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Old to New

If you read/follow this blog, then you are aware that it is really with out a single focus.  It is in fact, totally random.  This drives me crazy, but until the Lord reveals the niche, then it will be this way.  Thank you so much for visiting anyway.

My Grandmother called this a breakfront.  I would have called
it a china hutch, but you know those Grandma types are set in their ways. 
So, breakfront it is.
This came from my Grandmothers home before she passed away.  I was intriqued by it my entire life.  She had it full of salt and pepper shakers.  They would be another story.
It has been in our home for the better part of a decade.  This past month, I finally got motivated to do something to perk it up a bit.  I think I had to get over the fact
that the "original patina" wasn't all that great, and that one really should not paint wood.  Really?  You DIY Bloggers have really had a hand in changing that line of thought. 
Thank you!  
I used two coats of primer before the paint.  This wood was so thirsty I was surprised it wasn't powder.  The paint color is not as the photos suggest a country white.  It is in fact Pittsburgh Paint Misty Violet.  After two coats of the Misty Violet, I painted on Gray Violet, mixed 1/2 paint, 1/2 water, then wiped it off very quickly, leaving it's traces in the grain of the wood.     

The handles are the original glass ones.  My intent was to paint them in jewel tones, but they were so pretty when they were cleaned up, that I simply took my glue gun and added jewel tone colored jewels to them.  The jewels in the centers, actually cover some old key holes that were sometime a long time ago, very poorly patched.  Jewels are so much nicer! 
This will be the end of this post, but sometime hopefully soon, I'll be able to post how the curio part (top) got finished. 
Thanks for joining me here.

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Wow! That came out nice. :-)