Monday, July 5, 2010

Buried Treasure

July Aglow SPC News letter


I’m a bit late with this encouragement to you, but I’ve been busy celebrating the birthday of our great country with family and friends. How about you?

June blasted through our family like a tornado. There are four things on the top of our list for things we pray about, live and breathe for. Two of them are going forward with great speed, one has seemingly been torn to bits, and one seems at a standstill. Some days things are oh so clear, other days we find ourselves twisting through the junk, hoping to find the good stuff.

Our God is teaching us many different things in all these places. The most important? He is always with us. He never lets us forget that. When we ask, He answers. He helps us dig through to the Treasure, His Pearl of Great Price, His Son Jesus. Always, He turns our faces back to Him. We won’t be buried if we keep our eyes focused there. Sometimes we re-focus a hundred times a day or more. He helps us to dig through the junk pile, to find the truth of His treasure.

We all carry His treasure inside us if we’re born again, won’t you ask Him to help you to see it?

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