Saturday, May 22, 2010

8th Grade Boys

How can 8th grade boys all be so different? Today, we spent the day painting a wooden school playground badly in need of attention. There was a kid sitting on a bench, not connected to our group, tossing rocks. My husband asked him if he wanted to help, not really thinking that he would. His face lit up and he said he'd love to help, and that in a bit, a couple of his friends would be by, and he would get them to help as well. They did come by. They declined his invitation to help, and continued to give him a really hard time for doing what he was doing. You know what he told them? "You guys gotta' learn there's more to life than just hanging out, ya gotta' help somebody some times." They left, and he was still painting when the crew was wrapping things up. Thank you Bret! Sometimes you can get it right, and you got it right!

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Bonita said...

What a wise young man and good for him for going against the flow!