Thursday, March 4, 2010


James 1:4 stopped me in my tracks this morning.
Here's how it reads; Perseverance must finish it's work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
I've been asking God about some things lately that seem to go on and on and on. When I read this verse, I had to read it again and again and again.
Then I did a little word study, and here's what I found. If word studies bore you, then you can just scroll to the bottom and read the Crafted Prayer at the end.

The dictionary I used was a Websters, copyright 1989, and the concordance was the NIV Exhaustive Concordance, copyright 1990.

Dictionary definitions; Numbered definitions are from the original Greek.
Perseverance - Being persistent. A continuing in a state of grace, leading to a state of glory.
Persevere - To try hard and continuously in spite of obstacles and difficulties.
5705 - Endurance (patient, great) persistence. Standing firm, endure patiently.
Mature - Having reached a state of full natural development. Relating to a time when development is complete. Involving or arrived at after prolonged, careful thought. 5455 - Perfect, adult, perfection.
Complete - Nothing missing or lacking. Absolute, entire. To perfect, round off. 3908 - Whole.
Lacking - Short of, without. That which is missing or needed. 3309 - Not having everything needed.

Lord, Help me to hold on to You in spite of the obstacles I face, so that I may bring You glory. Help me to patiently stand firm until my development in You is complete. Help me to give careful thought to Your word, until my growth has nothing missing or broken. Help me to be completely whole, having nothing needed.
Let Your glory be shown in me.

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lioneagle said...

Greetings -

I believe this with you, my dear sister in Christ.

Father, please, in the name of Jesus, fulfill this desire of her heart for she has asked it of You in sincerity and in truth...