Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Critter Countdown

We started some where over 13. 4 horses (at various times), a hunting dog, 2 Rotts, 1 Doberman, 1 Welsh Corgi, a turtle and an inumerable number of cats, mostly outside ones except Bill. They have left this place one at a time. One left. [Note; most were not mine, but left behind so I wouldn't be lonely:)] All the rest left at exceedingly geriatric ages. Only Bonnie our female Rott is left. Today, she became a house dog, since Jorge now resides in the pet cemetarty behind the house. She is old too. Almost geriatric. But even after the time she spent the last several years outdoors with Jorge, she still remembered the drill. The poor old girl just stood at looked at the tub, knowing she needed to be in it, but her stiff legs wouldn't do it for her. I had to install her into the tub. I had forgotten how heavy she really was. She's in there now, rolling her still damp self on the living room floor. But at least it's a clean, damp self.

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